Q. When you design a mail piece, how much space do you need for the address panel?
A. It is a must to leave 4 x 2.625 of open space on the postage/addressing side of your mail piece.  This area is from the bottom right corner.  Please measure 4” from the right hand side of the direct mail piece going towards the left hand side of the mail piece and 2.625 from the bottom of the mail piece, measuring up towards the top of the piece.  This open area is required by the USPS for addressing and bar code information to ensure receiving automation rates.

Q. What is a postage indicia?
A. The postage indicia is a box located in the upper right hand corner of your address side of mailing piece.  It states First Class or Standard Presort, describing the manner in which the piece is being mailed.    Also states the permit number and Post office in which the mailing is being delivered.

Q. What is an aspect ratio?
A. The dimension of a mail piece expressed as a ratio of length divided by the height (for letter and cards, length is the dimension parallel to the address as read).

Example: A post card 5.5" long by 3.5" high has an aspect ratio of 1.57 (5.5 divided by 3.5 = 157).

An aspect ratio between 1.3 and 2.5, inclusive, is the required for automation compatibility.

Q. If I do not have my own indicia, do I have to purchase one?
A. No, you can use Data Unlimited Inc permit(s) at no additional charge. All postage must be paid prior to deliver of mail to the USPS.